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When contacting an escort, it is a good idea to provide some information about you. A polite introduction is very helpful as part of getting through any decent screening process from a quality escort.

Be polite and respectful at all times; in person, on the phone and in emails. The only exception to this can be if you have agreed in advance with an escort a scenario where you want to play a specific role.

Make sure you understand what the escort offers. If the escort has a page on her website where she details any specific policies, read it and respect them. During the appointment, you do need to make sure you communicate what you want - otherwise you may end up disappointed!

Be discreet. If you are going to a private residence, ask for instructions on how to get in. Don’t use the escort's name when calling an intercom, announce yourself only. In hotels, do not ask concierges or other staff anything about the escort. If there is a problem or you need to ask a question, go back to your car or leave the hotel and call on the phone. Don’t call an escort from a hotel lobby, in the street outside her flat or any other situation which might put her (and your) privacy at risk.

If you have any allergies: animals, scents, etc - make sure you tell the escort. If you have an aversion to tobacco smoke or smokers you probably want to check that too.

If the escort is visiting your home or hotel room, ensuring it is clean and tidy is a good way to start an appointment.

Don’t ask about an escorts personal life or her professional activities, if she volunteers information, fine. Use common sense. In the same way, change the subject if you are asked questions you are not prepared to answer. It is also best to avoid discussing other escorts as this type of gossip can have unpleasant results.



In most cases you will be expected to provide your donation at the start of the appointment. It is not normal to get a request to wire or send money in advance, so be suspicious if this is asked for.

Don’t try to negotiate the amount of the donation on arrival, in this case you should expect to be asked to leave. Assume rates are non-negotiable unless there is good reason to assume otherwise and you negotiate in advance. If you are extending the period, you can politely discuss how much more you should donate but don’t automatically assume you will be offered a discount.

Respect the time period you have booked. Most professional escorts do not like to have to ask you to leave and many will not ‘watch the clock’. However, you are ‘buying time’ and shouldn’t expect anything for free so respect what you agreed in advance.

If you have to cancel an appointment, do so as far in advance as possible. If you changed your mind, just tell the escort - it does happen. Don’t make appointments and then not turn up as this is just rude. NO SHOW/NO CALL will get even the best of clients blocked/banned from all contact and will most likely resort in a "Blacklisted" situation.

Don’t make promises you are not going to keep, whether it is for a future appointment, gift or review. You don’t owe the escort anything more than the donation and there’s no need to promise anything else. Better to be straightforward.

Personal Hygiene

You should approach visiting an escort in the same way you would for going on a date. Here’s a list of tips compiled from talking to a number of professionals:

  • Take a shower before the appointment or at the start of the appointment.
  • Trim your nails and toenails; no-one likes getting scratched.
  • Trimming or shaving any areas you might want licked or kissed, as this shows that you might like this to happen. Leaving areas hairy may well act as a signal that you don’t expect this.
  • Don’t use cologne, deodorant or perfume on any area that you might expect to be licked or sucked.
  • Mouthwash or chewing gum is often appreciated, as is staying away from strongly smelling foods, such as garlic, onions or curry.
  • Don't piss in the shower (apparently this happens a lot and is really not appreciated by many professionals).
  • If you need to take a shit, do it before you get there - leaving a bad smell or worse is not a great way to start or end a session. You are visiting what is a place or residence or work (or both), treat it respectfully.

Personal Health

Unprotected sex with an escort is a very stupid idea. Asking for it is NOT only offensive, but it s"Speaks Volumes" of the type of person you are. Frankly, is just NOT worth the risk.

Don’t brush your teeth within 30 minutes of the start of an appointment. Small abrasions on the gums and mouth can increase the risks from STDs.

Shave any genital areas the day before any appointment, small nicks and cuts are common and this is again a risk-factor for STDs.


 Common Sense - Use it!

Don't do stupid things or expect others to do so:

  • If you are not sure you should be doing this or thinking about this, don't do it.
  • Always treat providers like human beings (they are and never forget that).
  • When choosing a Provider, Make sure she is reputable. Look for her website or social media platforms. Google her phone number, or right click on her pictures to make sure they are "legit". This is how YOU as a client can protect yourself. It only takes a few minutes to ensure YOUR OWN PERSONAL SAFETY. 
  • If you have suffered a "Bad Experience", share it with your companion upfront so she can answer any concerns that you may have. Don't let one bad experience keep you from any pleasurable experience in the future.
  • Don't compare Providers to other Providers, or talk bad about them in front of your Provider. This includes discussing what another session that you had in the past. Extremely bad form. 
  • Make sure you know local laws and don't get arrested. Choose your Provider wisely.
  • Don't do anything which feels uncomfortable - if you feel uncomfortable or in danger, leave immediately.
  • Always delete call / txt logs. Including GPS history, after your visit.