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I can be reached via phone at: (616)570-9444




There are  only 2 steps for booking:

1. Fill out my booking form. It's easy! Remember to not leave any portion blank or I will not return the request. This request goes directly to my email and your information is immediately DELETED! After I screen your booking form, I will reach out to you via phone or email.

2. If you call me, feel free to leave a message if I do not answer. Remember to introduce yourself. (This is my private cell, so no worries. Just keep your message respectful.) Leave a return number and the best time to call or email you back. Have your references and verifications ready upon FIRST initial contact! NO TXT!

Remember, this is a business that I take seriously. DO NOT fill out the booking form if you have NO intention of booking a date!


Respect is a two-way street guys. Without this, we have NOTHING! First impressions are EVERYTHING to me!!! That being said. I have,


1. Txting me - Txting is NEVER a 100% safe form of comunication. Never txt at first initial contact or I will block you. NO EXCEPTIONS!

2. Vulgar language - If you feel the need to call me and discuss my southern regions or menu items, you will will be blocked!

3. Rude behavior - Because I would not treat you this way.

4. Entitlement - Your discretion should NEVER out weigh my personal safety. You are important to me...but NOT more important than me.

5. Poor Hygiene - Please shower, shave (everywhere, if possible). If you smoke, use mouthwash. I am extremely particular with whom I chose to spend time with.  You should prepare as you would for any date. REMEMBER FIRST IMPRESSIONS! There is a fully equipped shower available for you if you need it! Have some pride.

6. Wasting My Time - I'm a people person and I love a good conversation, ask anyone. But if I spend an hour on the phone with you, clear your references, or if you try to book several times and keep canceling, you will never get a chance to see me. 

7. No show/No calls - (please read my cancelation policy!)

Once again it's always important to remember that this is a BUSINESS. Therefore, I will conduct myself only in a professional manner. Please give me the same courtesy. #itsnotagame

8. When you arrive, your donation should be placed on the bathroom vanity in an unmarked white envelope or Thank you card, within the first 10 mins. of your scheduled time or your session will not begin. (NO EXCEPTIONS).

9. Alcohol or drugs of any kind. No cell phones, cameras, wallets, firearms or open bottles are allowed at my private in call. I pride myself on providing a unique and safe experience.

Thank you,

Briana Bourne


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